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Wislawa Szymborska_2012



 C language tutorials (krishna)


2 Responses to My Docs

  1. Dr. J.K. Sharma says:

    Saw your page. Good work. By the way I am Dr. J.K. Sharma. I feel nostalgic about JNV Thenzawl as it was my first job after completing my post graduation in Agriculture. I served there for two years as SUPW teacher, from 1992-1994. After that I joined Assam Agricultural University as an Assistant Professor where I am still working. Those days there was no electricity, no water supply and we lived in thatch cottages.

    • kcavatar says:

      oh! really. I was a student at JNV Thenzawl during 2006-2013. As if now, there have been a lot of developments from what your reminiscence exists about inv. you would be awestruck at seeing the campus. if you wish you could visit the school site ( any way, thanks for your compliment.

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