The Truth About ISLAM Ideology!


1. Promoting Gender-based inequality:

No provision exists regarding inclusion of women as full human beings.    They are subjugated to animal-like treatment – living in confinement, having no-say in religious matters. What is more worse than being looked upon as child-bearing machines, and living objects of lust! Their pangs of suffering are unheard in Islam’s dominant patriarchial society. They are meant to be total slaves to the baseless teachings of the religion; they can’t participate in any religious proceedings, seminars and rituals.   (Take a look at the masjid system where no woman can lead the religious prayers, or even act as any masjid  official.)

2. Role of the Almighty Allah :

What is seemingly incredible is the Almighty Allah‘s role, as per the Quran, as being merely the Protector. There is no indication about spiritual quest among the Muslims. The task assigned to the Muslims is to spread the word of the Almighty Allah among the ‘unbelievers’ by hook or by crook. The Creator would protect them throughout their ‘holy’ mission. The term called “Love” is rarely seen in the Quran, a  clear-cut cue for the encouragement of violence among human beings.

3. The ‘copied’ and ‘modified’ teachings of the Old Testament :

You would feel yourself deflated upon knowing that the content and teachings in Islam are from the Old Testament and have been totally tampered with. For instance, Abraham has been rechristened as “Ibrahim”. The most disgusting fact remains about attempting to bring Lord Jesus Christ to the ranks of the common people and insulting his teachings about the One True God Jehovah The Almighty. Jesus has been called as a mere ‘prophet’, and hailing Mohammad as ‘The Prophet’, who in fact had no quest for The Creator.

4. Islam has got a lot of ‘fundamentalists’ :

An ancient quote goes on “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” Such is the analogous case with the Islaamites. So many maulanas to spoil the “holiness and sanctity” of “The Holy” Quran. 


————to be continued………