To The Altar of Peace

I have sought refuge in you every moment

When the perception of life and living thrives in me

I have put in you my “self” every instant

Till the feeling of consciousness resides in me


I have defended you every second

When marauders of the world tried to ravage you

I have lifted you to the highest pedestal every minute

Whenever a clash between hope and doubt ensued


I pieced together every bit of you into a formidable force

Whenever they crushed you down to a pile of pieces

I kept you above every other doubt that sprung up

When they spread slanders about you


(to be continued)



About kcavatar

A 21-year old BE (Aerospace Engineering) graduate from PEC, Chandigarh, (previously Mechanical Engineering at National Institute of Technology, Srinagar). I have a great fascination for learning, getting enlightened about the ever-changing scenario of the world. Crave to do the fullest to bring tremendous changes to bring the virtuous world back.
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