“Conscience is the fragment of the Creator’s Wisdom in humans.”

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Conscience – is purely an abstract concept, I can say in the field of psychology. However this particular thing has a dominant existence in human beings. It can be factually described as an inborn judging capability, the laws which have been framed over the years through experiences and the little tit-bits directed at us by our parents and our well-wishers. From this perspective, I could say that conscience basically puts forward decisions categorised into two – right and wrong. Every action falls into either of the both, solely based on its consequences; to be precise.

Taking into concern the spiritual aspects of conscience, the subject has far greater significance. Conscience belongs to the soul; it has been commandeered by the soul and there it exists. The existence and feel of the Lord dwells in a human’s conscience. The ideas of ‘sin’ and ‘salvation ‘ are conceived in the conscience. As such, ‘regrets’ (action) which a person usually does, upon having committed a sin, arises in the conscience itself. Conscience, in every human, has the same loaded encyclopaedia of facts, judgements and axioms. The difference lies in the reality that only some people pay reverence to their conscience. Such people are considered to be noble and pious everywhere, because they have abided by the Lord’s decisions which are announced the Highest Court of the Universe – the inner Conscience.

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A 19-year old student of Aerospace Engineering at PEC, Chandigarh, (previously Mechanical Engineering at National Institute of Technology, Srinagar). I have a great fascination for learning, getting enlightened about the ever-changing scenario of the world. Crave to do the fullest to bring tremendous changes to bring the virtuous world back.
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