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Success is Counted Sweetest

Emily Elizabeth Dickinson


Success is counted sweetest
By those who ne’er succeed.
To comprehend a nectar
Requires sorest need.

Not one of all the Purple Host
Who took the Flag today
Can tell the definition
So clear of Victory

As he defeated – dying –
On whose forbidden ear
The distant strains of triumph
Burst agonized and clear!

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To The Altar of Peace

I have sought refuge in you every moment

When the perception of life and living thrives in me

I have put in you my “self” every instant

Till the feeling of consciousness resides in me


I have defended you every second

When marauders of the world tried to ravage you

I have lifted you to the highest pedestal every minute

Whenever a clash between hope and doubt ensued


I pieced together every bit of you into a formidable force

Whenever they crushed you down to a pile of pieces

I kept you above every other doubt that sprung up

When they spread slanders about you


(to be continued)


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Imperial Christianity: A Brief History – N. S. Rajaram

The largest imperialistic movement called Christianity (also Islam) must be wiped out from the face of India at least…

Bharata Bharati

Constantine with Christian bishops and Nicene Creed

Dr. N. S. RajaramViewed from a Pagan perspective, Christianity appears to have passed through several phases, beginning as an obscure Jewish militant movement against Rome to becoming the master of the Roman Empire and much of Europe, evolving into the most important tool of Euro-colonialism to its present state of adjusting to changes in the post-colonial world. It is obviously beyond the scope of a short article to do justice to this immense history, beyond highlighting some of the lesser known aspects of Christian history. – Dr N. S. Rajaram

Christianity, like Islam, but unlike their common parent Judaism, is largely an imperial movement. Conversion is to Christianity what jihad is to Islam—an expansionist doctrine. Where Islam seeks to bring the whole world under its sway through jihad, Christianity’s goal is to make the world Christian, or turn it into Christendom, by conversion. The goal of such religions is not inner spiritual experience…

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Padmavati not honoured like Joan of Arc – Anil Athale

Bharata Bharati

Joan of Arc
Anil AthaleThe doubt about the existence of Rani Padmavati as a historical figure is typical of the lazy historians of India. Most Indian historians are like a man searching for a lost needle on a dark night only under the lamp, who, when asked why he ignored other areas, answered that this was the only place where there was light! – Col Anil Athale

At its core, the current controversy over the film Padmavati is a struggle between left-liberals and nationalists. Falsely depicted as an issue of freedom of expression, it is anger at the attempt to distort Indian history by legitimising a particular version created by a cabal of left-liberal historians. Joan of Arc (January 6, ca. 1412 – May 30, 1431), is considered a heroine of France for her role during the Hundred Years War between the English and the French. She fought bravely for her country but was captured…

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It’s Better

It’s better to strive to seek the Absolute

Than to fancy the gifts of afterlife

It’s better to meditate on the virtues of rationality

Than being devoured by the monsters of irrationality


It’s better to live in the dreams of tomorrow

Than be surrounded by them who won’t let us dream

It’s better to bask in the fantasy of tomorrow

Than living in the reality of today


It’s better to realize after all we are fallible

Than setting about proving the otherwise

It’s better to create a revolution within

Than seeking to transform the without

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Battle for Indian History: How to fight it, and how not – Virendra Parekh

Bharata Bharati

First War of Indian Independence (1857)

Virendra Parekh“Tampering with history can … undermine India’s self-image. A wrong perception of the past can obscure a clear view of the present. That indeed was the route taken, first by colonial masters, Christian missionaries and in recent decades by Leftists. Each of these groups had a direct political interest in moulding the way Indians looked upon themselves and others.” – Virendra Parek

R.C. Majumdar1 – A history in service of rulers

Indian history is a battlefield. Hindu nationalists fight off invading colonial canards and Marxist mumbo jumbo of materialistic interpretation of history. Secularists, alarmed by the saffron surge, sound shrill warnings against communalization of history writing. Stalinist activists masquerading as historians girdle up to resist intrusion of sundries (i.e. anyone outside their clique) onto their turf in media, academia and research institutions. Muslim scholars resist attempts to portray Islam and Muslims as villains. Academic historians raise their hands in despair at politicization…

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The Scattered Pearls

Never seek those pearls
They always remained unclaimed
Many trod upon them but
None cared to take cognizance of
Those pearls; the gems of love
Of truth, of nobleness.
So queer it’s; qualities don’t qualify
To be regarded, to be adopted.
And those pearls beholding the Divine
Lay downtrodden.

Never behold those pearls
B’coz they would make humans humane;
The brightness emanating would
Eradicate all their abnormalities
Their perverted world, where
Sins are cultivated in gardens, where
Destruction is pleasurable but
Bonding, a forbidden act.
Where in the world of hypocrisy, genuineness wins.

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